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A spaceship from a far off planet has to land on the Planet Zob as it is very short of fuel. Gora the Geek has to then set off and explore the planet in search for fuel for his return journey home. He meets up with lots of Aliens (who think he is an alien God) and has to collect all the ingredients to make the special fuel for the spaceship.

First he meets the Alien Gardener who makes all the plants grow, Gora needs a special plant to make his fuel, the children help to make the plant grow. Gora then has to find Bernard, The Alien Monster and get into his cave (with help from the children) Where a special energy stone is hidden. After Gora retrieves the stone he has to find the magician who puts energy into the stone.

When Gora has everything he needs he returns to his spaceship to make the fuel only to find that the spaceship is all locked up, just then Charlie returns with a bag of shopping. Charlie is also from the same planet as Gora and was asleep in the back of the spaceship when it first took off. He has just been to buy some cornflakes, as this was the special fuel all along.

Gora faints as he was offered cornflakes from lots of the aliens but turned them down, as he hadn't time to eat.

Gora and Charlie return to their planet and live happily ever after, well at least until next time.

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