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hansel and gretal

hanselHansel and Gretal is one of the most popular Grimms fairy tale stories with all the usual Just Puppets style of fun, music and adventure......... Poor Hansel and Gretal have been abandoned in the woods on their own, this is all the doing of their stepmother, Dolly, who just happens to be the sister of the Wicked Witch. They come across the Witch's house and are lured inside, the Witch is not in a very good mood as she has just been dumped off the back of her broomstick into a haystack. She's after them for revenge and wants to eat them..... UGH! Don't worry they manage to escape and be reunited with their Father. He is very happy as they are all a big happy family again, oh and the stepmother has gone and he has just won 8 million pounds on the lottery. They all live happily ever after, of course.

The show will run for approximately 45 minutes and is most suited to Infant and Junior School children. The flavour of the show is very much tongue in cheek with lots of audience participation. The children will love the characters and enjoy singing all the songs especially "The Witch fell off her broomstick doing 100 miles per hour".

The stage is approximately 12 feet (W) x 7 feet 6 inches (H) x 6 feet (D). The puppets are rod operated with one shadow scene and is suitable for indoors only.

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