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tfatherThese puppets are great fun to make and will keep children happily busy for hours. You will find that once they have completed their first puppet, they will want to make all the other characters too. It can become a great hobby and a wonderful outlet for creativity.

Creating one puppet can take from half an hour to one hour, depending on the age of the children and how many are taking part in the workshop. Typically, a six year old child could take up to 1 hour to make a puppet, whereas a ten year old might do it in twenty minutes. While I recommend the minimum age for taking part in these workshops is six years, with a little extra help, younger children can, and often do, take part.

There are lots of characters to choose from (see below) or alternatively, if your child has a favourite animal, I will design a puppet especially for them.

Each child is given a piece of A4 size card with the puppet design already drawn out. Your child will then colour in all the different shapes, usually with crayons. After all the shapes have been coloured in, they are then all cut out very carefully. Some of the shapes are then folded (all fold lines have been pre-marked). When all these steps have been completed, the pieces are brought to me to be stapled together forming the 3D shape of the head. Then, to finish off, the ears, eyes, nose and whiskers are slotted into the head and Hey Presto!..... one origami style puppet. Your child puts their hand into the back of the puppet and can open and close its mouth. And that's Magic!

Alf the Elephant Greg the Fox Monty Mouse
Derek the Dog Rodney Rat Puff the Magic Dragon
Dido the Dinosaur Jungle Jim Robert the Rabbit
Hoggy the Hedgehog Micky the Mouse Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

While this workshop is great fun on its own, why not combine it with one of our puppet shows. This would be a wonderful way to fill a morning or afternoon and be a fabulous treat for your children. To view your options and current prices please see our Price List.

Please note that there are many other Workshops available that are suitable for schools, play schemes, etc. For details please contact us.
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